11 Mar, 2020 Nancy Tart

Average Prices of Quality Electrical Work

The average price of a call out for Electrical Work in the Jacksonville, Florida area is $317.00.

Typically, the hourly charge ranges from $60 to $120 for one person to perform residential work not including trip charges or materials.  Some Electricians charge a no call or no show fee which is usually an hour of labor. 

The following averages in the Jacksonville area claim: Installing a Switch or Socket is $150 to 250, Replacing a Breaker is $100 to 160, Installing Smart Home Technology is $400 to 2,000.

These prices are just for labor.

Remember that when you are hiring someone to do your Electrical Work, you are paying for their expertise in their field along with materials, time, and travel. 

Another thing to consider when pricing is that an Electrician Service often sends one man whereas an Electrical Contractor often sends a two-man team.  

If you need one light bulb on a low ceiling replaced, a Handyman may be able to charge you far less than an Electrician or Electrical Contractor, however for more complicated jobs such as adding circuits, hanging expensive chandeliers, or replacing an entire electrical panel, the expertise of a licensed Electrician is required for peace of mind (and code enforcement!). 

At Dog Face Electrical Contractors, our average charges are as follows:

$50 to 75 trip charge in Duval, St Johns, and Flagler counties

$80 to 120 per hour (one or two-man teams)

Some specific jobs have general costs:

  • Replacing an existing fan or lighting unit with owner provided unit in a ceiling less than 10 feet – $120 plus trip charge
  • Installing a new electrical outlet or switch – $120 plus trip charge
  • Installing a new lighting unit in a wall or ceiling less than 10 feet in height – $240 plus trip charge
  • Replacing a panel – $1,000 to 3,000 depending on size and quality

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