11 Mar, 2020 Nancy Tart

Clean Your Room Day

Since May 10th is supposedly “Clean Your Room Day,” I might stay outdoors the entire period.

Who decides we need to be told to clean our room?  For years I thought I was free from cleaning after discovering my door can close sufficiently if I shove everything out of its track. 

I must put on a cheery face and continue.


Positive thoughts…

Aha!  May 10th only arrives once a year!  This means that I must only clean my room for this day and am liberated of the daunting task any other day!  If I safely remain out of my room until 12:01am on May 11th, I will not be bound by this utterly ridiculous notion.  It is perfectly acceptable to knock on stranger’s doors and order them to clean their rooms in celebration as I have no residence in their domiciles thus cannot be forced into labor.

Remember, you must Clean Your Room if it is May 10th but have no requirement to collect a single dust bunny on any other of the 364 yearly days – Happy Clean Your Room Day!  I plan to be visiting family until well after midnight.

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