11 Mar, 2020 Nancy Tart

What Does LED Stand For?

LED?  As in lead, maybe?  No, spoken “L” “E” “D” because it is actually an acronym.


Each letter stands for a word: Light Emitting Diode.

Light – come on, surely you know what light is!

Emitting – “letting out; releasing”

Diode – a semiconductor with two terminals. 

An LED is a Diode that Releases Light.  A tiny force of Energy Warriors free Abundant Light from the Semiconductor Prism.

LEDs are powered by electroluminescence as a byproduct of electrical current flowing through a semiconductor.  The phenomenon of electroluminescence was first discovered in 1907 by a British experimenter named H. J. Round.  LED lamps are energy efficient as they require less electricity to produce the same luminosity as a comparable incandescent lamp.

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