11 Mar, 2020 Nancy Tart

What is Energy Efficiency and Why is it Important?

Energy Efficient seems to be a common buzzword today, but what does it actually mean?  For something to be marketed as Energy Efficient, it has to meet or exceed set industry standards for reduction of energy use.  Energy Efficiency is more than just a marketing term, rather the full definition indicates an item uses less energy consumption to produce the same output. 

In lighting, for example, an LED bulb producing 750 – 900 Lumens runs on 6 to 8 watts whereas an incandescent bulb producing the same 750 – 900 Lumens uses 60 Watts.  Assuming a usage of 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, the LED bulb will consume about $4 worth of electricity annually whereas the Incandescent bulb will consume about $33. 

This is a true example of energy efficiency: producing the same output while consuming less energy.

Imagine the annual energy savings in your home by updating your lighting to LED bulbs.  Now thinking globally, imagine the reduced need for energy if just one person per neighborhood followed suit.  Energy Efficiency is important in both the short-term (reduced costs) and long-term (reduced demand for energy).

We, at Dog Face Electrical Contractors, suggest and prefer installing Energy Efficient LED Lighting which is one small step in line with our Ecologically Conscious Company Mentality.

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