11 Mar, 2020 Nancy Tart

What is PVC?

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In Electrical Contracting, PVC is a type of pipe.  No, not like a peace pipe or the kind great-great-grandpa smoked in the tavern. PVC pipe can be made in both rigid and flexible types.  We differentiate between them by calling one PVC and the other Flex. 

Electrical Contractors use PVC and other piping materials as Conduit to protect Cabling.PVC is an acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as Polychloroethylene. PVC is the third-most-widely produced synthetic plastic polymer worldwide. 

Pure Polychloroethylene is a simple chemical formula: (C2H3Cl)n.  In this form it is a brittle white Solid.  It becomes a marketable pipe by adding plasticizers. 

The most common plasticizer are phthalates. Carbon, Hydrogen, and Chlorine got stuck in some Phthalates; they stewed into PVC, were molded into Conduit Pipe, had fat cable strung through them, and were buried 2 feet under the ground.  They supply power to your house.

Corresponding Tweet): It’s #FunFactFriday at #DogFace #Electrical #Contractors: What is #PVC?